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Fresh Bamboo Shoots - Temperate

Fresh Bamboo Shoots - Temperate


These bamboo shoots are freshly harvested from our farms in North and South Carolina. They are grown to 10-12 inches in length and up to 2 inches in diameter. This temperate variety is known as "vivax." Vivax has a slightly sweet and almost buttery flavor, which makes it great for cooking with anything!

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  • These fresh bamboo shoots are stored and shipped at cold temperatures to keep them fresh. In the harvesting or selecting processes, we try to choose bamboo shoots that are uniform in size and will fill your box of choice to the correct weight. But some varieties can vary in their diameter, which you may see in your box. Trust us, this difference in size doesn't make a bamboo shoot any less delicious.
  • Also, its natural for any produce to lose some water weight over time and to make sure that you get the weight of your choice, we'll pack your box with a little extra weight. So, when it arrives you know that you are getting what you paid for.
  • We highly recommend cleaning and cooking your bamboo shoots immediately. If you can't, clean and store the bamboo shoots in your refrigerator over the next few days until you are ready to cook. Or, you can clean and cut the bamboo shoots, then store it in a container filled with water in your refrigerator. Change the water daily until you are ready to cook the bamboo shoots.
  • To learn how to safely cut a bamboo shoot watch this video: How to Trim Bamboo Shoots
  • To cook fresh bamboo shoots, we recommend boiling them in water with a sprinkle of salt for 20-60 minutes, depending on how big you left the bamboo cuttings.
  • Worried about a bitter taste? Try boiling your bamboo shoots with rice bran powder.
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