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Shooting Up from the Ground

       April and June are our favorite times of the year. You can walk through bamboo farms and see new canes shooting up from the ground. These baby canes are called "shoots," which are eaten as a vegetable. While bamboo shoots are typically eaten in Asian cultures, we're here to attract all audiences and spread the love of this uniquely flavored and textured produce.


        OnlyMoso Harvest is the first commercial source of fresh bamboo shoots in the USA! All of our bamboo shoots are homegrown locally, here in the United States. This is what sets us apart. Our local farms and proper handling methods are how we can provide fresh bamboo shoots to customers across the USA. All you have to do is see the vibrant color of our bamboo shoots and you'll know what we mean by a different level of freshness!


        Being the first commercial source of fresh bamboo shoots in the USA wouldn't be possible without the help of our hundreds of farms growing bamboo across the country. Know that when you buy our bamboo shoots at your local market or online from our website, that they have been grown with love from our farms in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


        Our fresh, local bamboo shoots are a nutritious produce option. They are low in calories, high in fiber and antioxidants, vegan, gluten-free, and non GMO. Perhaps the best part about our bamboo shoots is that they can be easily used in almost any recipe! We’ve seen and tasted them in recipes for stir-fry, pho, salad, pasta, pesto, dip, pickles, breadsticks, pizza, and even cookies. Yes, you read correctly, even cookies. They were delicious! Because of their unique texture and flavor, bamboo shoots are just as delicious boiled (like corn), dressed in your favorite spices or sauces and served with rice.

        We love our fresh bamboo shoots and hope you will too! And, keep checking back with us! We're just shooting up and have more great items coming soon!

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