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Fresh bamboo shoots delivered to your door.

Your search is over and we've made it even easier for you! Guaranteed fresh bamboo shoots are ready for delivery, right to your doorstep.


        Please note, our harvesting season begins in April for the temperate variety and early June for the tropical variety. By choosing to sign up for notifications, we can see that you won't miss out. You'll be the first to know when we start harvesting, so you can get 100% guaranteed fresh bamboo shoots that are grown in the USA.

What makes our shoots different?

        They are homegrown here in the USA! Then, harvested and properly handled. Our care makes huge difference in the life of a bamboo shoot. And that care translates into a freshness that you can see and feel. Sign up now to get "pre-order" and "in-stock" notifications!

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Need larger quantities of bamboo?

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