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More about OnlyMoso Harvest!

We are the FIRST Fresh Bamboo Shoot packing facility in the United States! Buyers, Sellers, Distributors, and Foodies welcome! Since our warehouse opened in 2019, OnlyMoso Harvest has been supplying its clients with high quality Fresh Bamboo Shoots. Get our freshest and most delicious product for a fair price!


Since 2019, the dedicated team at OnlyMoso Harvest have been working to supply our customers with the very best quality bamboo shoots and services. And one way we've kept that promise is by using our own truck! You can count on us to deliver your order promptly with no hassles and at a fair price.

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Look for our new truck on the road!

OnlyMoso Harvest has been developing its customer relationships all over the USA. As the first commercial supplier of its kind for fresh bamboo shoots, our goal is to become well known for our fair prices and amazing quality.

See our process from start to finish.

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