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Please read the information below. Then, click the pdf file to fill out the Wholesale Application Form. Email the completed application to and a representative will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days to complete the process.

Terms & Conditions

To be a wholesaler or distributor with us, you must be able to purchase a minimum of one pallet (a pallet starts at 1,000 lbs of fresh bamboo shoots) and agree to the terms below.


We operate under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) and will request your number (if applicable). This means our payment terms are Net 10 and our delivered sales are FOB acceptance at the shipping point, unless other agreements are reached prior to an order being fulfilled.

For delivered sales, any reasonable claims against the product that contains abnormal deterioration under normal transportation conditions will be honored and discounted from the invoice total, as long as the claims are communicated within 8 hours of our product's arrival by truck. But, the entire shipment may not be rejected.

For pickups organized by the buyer, the truck must be refrigerated and maintain an environment of 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit/1-2 degrees Celsius. Under these transportation conditions, any reasonable claims against the product that contains abnormal deterioration will be honored by providing a discount to the invoice total.

Our bamboo shoots are a fresh produce comprised of water. In order to provide a longer shelf life for the consumer and to prevent rapid deterioration, store the bamboo shoots at 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit/1-2 degrees Celsius. And, we highly recommend moving the product within a week of its arrival.


This is how we can make sure you and the end consumer are happy with our fresh product.

Wholesale Application

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